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  • rascal rabbit
  • snowman
  • blanco
  • poop
  • giant
  • rascal rabbit
  • snowman
  • blanco
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Cute and various character

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Giant Baby

A paws-itively naughty
giant baby bear

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A dancing cactus living life to its own rhythm

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A bright eyed game-bug

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A bashful Jack-Frost

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Gotta Baa-d feeling about this

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Bear with me

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Rascal Rabbit

A savage bunny filled with adrenaline

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“Seal : What the Fun”
End User License Agreement

  1. PLEASE READ THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement" or “EULA”) CAREFULLY. IT PROVIDES IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS REGARDING THE USE OF “SEAL: WHAT THE FUN” (which includes, without limitation, software, files, documentation, updates, audiovisual content, and derivative works, hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Game”) AND RELATED SERVICES (which include forum or website services and other related services, hereinafter collectively along with the Game, referred to as the “Service”).


    If you are under the age of majority or require the consent of a parent or legal guardian to enter into agreements such as this EULA due to the laws of your jurisdiction, you must have the permission of your parent or legal guardian to agree to this Agreement and use the Service. By accepting this Agreement and/or using the Service, it is understood that both you and your parent or legal guardian have consented to this Agreement.

    We reserve the right to amend this EULA. Should there be any changes, we will post the updated EULA on the Service, our Website, or through the platforms or stores that provide the Services (hereinafter referred to as "Platform", e.g., Steam, Xbox, etc.) or in accordance with other applicable laws, without separate notice to you. If you continue to access or use our Services after the effective date of the updated Agreement, it will be deemed that you have accepted the revised Agreement.

    If you do not consent to, or if you withdraw your consent to be bound by this EULA, we may be unable to provide you with all or part of the Services.

    The Game may be available through a third-party Platform. Your use of the Game is also subject to any applicable agreements you have with such Platform. In the event of a conflict between any Platform Agreement and this EULA regarding your use of our Game, this EULA shall take precedence unless expressly stated otherwise herein.

  2. 1. For Accessing and Using our Services

    You will be required to (1) download software, (2) create and use an account (hereinafter “Account”), and (3) comply with this EULA to access and use Services provided by us.

    - Software downloads
    This EULA will be binding on you and us once you download, install, or use the Software, whichever occurs first. If you do not agree to it, you are not permitted to download, install the Game, or use the Services. We may deploy or provide patches, updates, and modifications to the Game that must be installed for you to continue to play the Game. We may update the Game remotely, and you hereby grant us consent to deploy, download, install, and apply such patches, updates, and modifications to your copy of the Game.

    - Create and use an Account
    If the terms of this EULA for the Account and the policy for the Platform conflict, the policy for the Platform takes precedence. The individual, that is, the person who has reached the legal age of majority in your country of residence, or who is legally incompetent, or a minor (under the age of majority as prescribed by the laws in the relevant jurisdiction) allowed under the supervision of a legal representative, can create an Account. You may not share your Account with others or allow anyone other than you (or legally incompetents or minors if a legal representative has registered an Account on their behalf) to access or use your Account. It is forbidden for multiple users to jointly use or share an Account. You may not use an Account created for commercial use. Accessing and using Services is allowed for your personal use only and may not be used for commercial activities or payments. You may not create and use Accounts, accessing and using Services on behalf of any legal entity or business entity. Accessing and using Services for any commercial purpose or benefit is prohibited. You are not allowed to transfer your Account to a third party. All responsibility for the transfer and attempting to transfer the right to a person who is not the Account holder rests with the parties to the transaction, not with the Company. The Company shall not be legally responsible for any acts, claims, credits, non-performance, omission, or liability between the parties to the transaction (including those who wish to transfer the right to use the Account) and may take appropriate actions by the Company's policy if such inappropriate activities are detected. Our Game may be accessible through a Platform; you may need to have a Platform Account to access and play the Game. You acknowledge and agree that your creation and use of that Platform Account are subject to the Platform’s applicable terms and conditions and privacy policies. We will not be responsible for your inability to access, use, or enjoy the Game due to reasons of your Platform Account or otherwise related to the Platform. We are not responsible for any payment or refund disputes you have with a Platform. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your Account if we believe, or have been notified by a third-party of its belief, that you may be infringing the rights of others or engaging in any inappropriate behavior. In the event of termination, your Account will be disabled, and you will not have access to your Account or the content in your Account.

    - Compliance with EULA

    We are trying to provide and improve continuous and stable service so that you can be satisfied while using the service. We reserve the right to change all or part of our Services without any liability to you, at any time without any prior notice to you. Without limiting the generality of our rights reserved in the foregoing, we may modify our Services: for technical reasons (such as technical difficulties experienced by us or on the Internet); to allow us to improve user experience; where we have legal reasons for doing so (including privacy or other legal objections to the content or conduct of our Services); because it no longer makes business sense for us to provide the relevant Services; or because we have altered Services we provide. There may also be times when our Services or any part thereof are not available for technical or maintenance-related reasons, whether on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. You agree that we have no responsibility and are not liable for the unavailability of the Services or any part thereof, any loss of materials, data, transactions, or any other information or materials caused by such system outages, or any other losses whatsoever resulting from such system outage. The specific game rules, scoring rules, controls, and guidelines for each Service can be found within the Service itself. Such rules, scoring rules, controls, and guidelines form part of the Agreement, and you agree that you shall comply with them in respect of each individual Service which you choose to access and/or play.

  3. 2. Limited Rights and License

    - Limited License
    We grant you a limited license right; a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable limited license to access and use our Services for your own personal and non-commercial use, subject to your agreement and complete compliance with this EULA. The Game is protected by the copyright laws of the Republic of Korea, international copyright treaties and conventions, Korean and common law trademark laws, and other laws. All rights are reserved worldwide. The Game contains certain materials licensed by the Company from others, and the Company and the Company's licensors may protect their rights in the event of any violation of this EULA. We reserve the right to revoke the limited license granted to you herein at our sole and absolute discretion. We may also, in our sole and absolute discretion, limit or terminate your right to access or use our Services or any part thereof, maintain, or any items associated therewith, including but not limited to any Virtual Money or Virtual Goods, without any liability to you. You understand and agree that you will not be compensated under any circumstances for any virtual money, virtual goods, or anything else associated with your Account, or for any other reason whatsoever, regardless of whether you are barred from access to them as a result of the revocation of the limited license or change of our Services. We faithfully comply with the exercise of rights and obligations prescribed by laws and this EULA.

    - Intellectual Property Rights
    If you provide content such as communications, images, sounds, and all materials and information, including conversation text displayed in the game or uploaded or transmitted by a member or other user through a game service to our services, you grant us the following rights: a non-exclusive, sublicensable, assignable, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right to use, reproduce, distribute, edit, adapt, modify, host, store, publish, create derivative works of, publicly perform, display, market, advertise, and sell your content and any derivative works we may create from it, in any and all media (whether it exists now or in the future), for any purpose, in perpetuity, without any payment to you. However, we do not sell, lend, or transfer your content without your prior consent. All copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights related to the Service provided and produced by us are owned or licensed to us. We prohibit you from copying, transmitting, processing such as editing, publication, performance, distribution, broadcasting, creating derivative work from any content or information which we have intellectual property rights to when you get during using our services without our prior consent. In particular, you must not make available any cheats or technological measures designed to control access to, or elements of, our Services. If you terminate the service use agreement under this Agreement, you shall immediately delete or return all contents provided by us, such as the game client. We do not use your content that is not visible in the game and is not integrated with our Service (e.g., posts on the general bulletin board, etc.) without your consent, and you may delete your content at any time. If you find any infringement of our IP, please contact us by the email address in the "Contact" section.

  4. 3. Age

    Our aim is to make the Service available to all natural persons. However, your ability to access and use the Service is governed by the laws and regulations of your place of residence, which might set age restrictions (for example, through rating systems). Consequently, individuals who are older than the specified age but still considered minors (under the age of majority as determined by the laws relevant to you) are permitted to access and use the Service only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians. By accessing or using the Service, you confirm that both you and your parent or legal guardian have read, understood, and agreed to this Agreement.


    - Payment for Additional Content
    No additional payments are required to normally use these Services. However, accessing additional content may incur download fees or require payments through your Account. Details on download fees, Account payments, and other expenses, including purchases of content, are available during the initial purchase process. Information regarding special items within the Services will be provided prior to purchase. Payment costs and details can be reviewed via the Platform, Account information, or the payment company. The Company reserves the right to modify these costs and payments at any time.
    Users can buy Service-related content according to each Platform's policy. Payments for purchases, content, and refunds will be governed by the Platform's policy. Refunds for items not specified in this Agreement are not permitted. Users can access additional content by paying extra fees, and some subscription content is only available for a limited time. Failure to make payment or discontinuation of payment may result in restricted access to additional content.
    You are responsible for staying informed about changes to this Agreement, including changes to costs and payment conditions. If you disagree with the changes, you have the option to stop payments or terminate the Agreement. You are responsible for all fees associated with payments, including taxes, hardware, software, internet connection, and Account payment costs.

    - Virtual Money and Goods
    Our Services may include virtual currencies ("Virtual Money") and virtual items or services ("Virtual Goods") for use within our Services. You can purchase certain types of Virtual Money from us with real money if you have reached the legal age of majority in your country of residence, or if you are a minor or legally incompetent, with the supervision of a legal representative. Virtual Goods may also be purchased with real money and/or other credits. You agree to buy Specific Virtual Money and/or Virtual Goods exclusively from us. We reserve the right to charge for access to or use of Virtual Goods and to adjust the perceived value or pricing of any Specific Virtual Money or Virtual Goods. At our sole discretion, we may also distribute Specific Virtual Money or Virtual Goods for free.
    You do not own Virtual Money or Virtual Goods; rather, you purchase a limited, personal, revocable license to use Virtual Money or Virtual Goods within the Services. Any balance of Virtual Money or Virtual Goods does not reflect any stored cash value. You have no rights, title, or ownership in Virtual Money or Virtual Goods.
    Virtual Money and Virtual Goods have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for real money, goods, or services from us or anyone else. All sales of Specific Virtual Money and Virtual Goods are final; we will not issue refunds once a transaction is completed unless required by applicable laws and regulations. The license for the Specific Virtual Money or Virtual Goods is granted immediately upon purchase completion. Our Services are performed promptly, thus nullifying any right of withdrawal at this point.
    We reserve the right to manage, regulate, alter, or remove any Virtual Money or Virtual Goods at our sole discretion and without liability to you. We do not recognize or permit any supposed transfers of Virtual Money or Virtual Goods outside our Services, nor the sale, gift, or trade in the real world of anything that appears or originates in our Services unless expressly authorized by us. Any such unauthorized transfer or attempt is void and may lead to Account termination.

  6. 5. Conduct

    - User Conduct and Content
    You are required to comply with the laws applicable in your jurisdiction when accessing our Services. If any such laws restrict or prohibit the use of our Services, you must adhere to those legal restrictions or cease accessing, using, and/or playing our Services.
    You must adhere to this agreement and our policies while utilizing our services.
    You affirm that all information you provide to us during access and/or use of our Services will remain truthful, accurate, and complete at all times.
    Content you or another user send, upload, communicate, transmit, or make available via our Services, including on third-party platforms, may include information, data, software, sounds, photographs, graphics, videos, tags, or other materials. Such content may be redistributed through our Services or third-party platforms by us or others.
    You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any content you post or transmit when using our Services, whether publicly posted or privately sent. You, not us, bear full responsibility for all content you upload, communicate, transmit, or make available via our Services.
    You agree not to upload, communicate, transmit, or make available any content that is or could be considered unlawful, harmful, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise objectionable; invasive of another's privacy; likely to incite violence or racial or ethnic hatred; unlawful to make available (such as insider information, proprietary and confidential information); infringing on others' intellectual property or proprietary rights; unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any form of solicitation; or containing software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
    You must not use our Services to harm, offend, or harass anyone; use another person's or entity's email address to sign up for our Services; use our Services for fraudulent or abusive purposes; disguise, anonymize, or hide your IP address or the source of any content you upload; use our Services for any commercial or business purposes, or for the benefit of any third party, or to send unsolicited communications; remove or alter any proprietary notices or ownership information from our Services; interfere with or disrupt our Services or the servers or networks providing our Services; attempt to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or hack our Services; harvest, scrape, or collect information about others who use our Services; sell, transfer, or attempt to sell or transfer an account with us; disrupt the normal flow of a Service or negatively affect others' ability to compete fairly; disobey network requirements or regulations; use our Services in violation of any law; use our Services to cheat or assist in cheating; or use our Services in any manner not permitted by this agreement and our policies.
    We do not control the content posted on our Services by others and do not guarantee its accuracy, integrity, or quality. You may encounter content that you find offensive, indecent, or objectionable. We are not liable for any content, including errors or omissions in content, or any loss or damage of any kind resulting from the use of content posted, emailed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via our Services.
    We reserve the right to remove content from our Services if we determine, at our discretion, that it breaches any part of this Agreement or may bring us or our Services into disrepute. However, we do not actively monitor contributed content and do not commit to doing so. When using our Service, we may monitor your computer’s RAM for unauthorized third-party programs interacting with the Service, which are prohibited by this Agreement. Detection of such programs may lead to communication of information to us and possible termination of access. You consent to this monitoring.
    You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Service users. We may attempt to mediate disputes between users at our discretion but are not responsible for transactions conducted through third-party payment providers or stores.

    - Penalties for Non-compliance
    Non-compliance with these restrictions may lead to one or more of the following penalties, determined by the severity of the breach: warnings, content resets, withdrawal of virtual items, temporary or permanent login bans, or account cancellation. Further legal action may be taken for illegal or rule-breaking behavior, including lawsuits for damages and reporting to authorities for criminal behavior. You acknowledge our right to determine cheating based on game data and performance, and that virtual items may become unusable during a login ban.

  7. 6. Termination and Suspension

    - Termination of the Services by the Company
    The Company does not guarantee the continuous operation of the Services. At its sole discretion, the Company may discontinue any aspect of the Services at any time. The Company may terminate this EULA, proceed with the suspension of the Account, and cancel all user rights specified within the EULA. The Company may announce the termination of the Services 30 days prior through delivery methods outlined in the “Notification” section below. Should this article be amended or deleted from the EULA, no refunds will be issued.

    - Suspension of Account
    The Company may terminate or restrict your Account without prior notice, as long as rights and legal remedies are not infringed. An Account may be terminated or restricted if it shares the same name, phone number, email address, IP address, and credit card number as an Account that has been previously suspended. Suspension and restriction may result from: (1) a breach of the EULA by the Account owner or user (including rules); (2) accessing the Services in a manner not authorized by the Account owner or user.

    - Termination of EULA
    The Company may terminate this EULA and cancel all specified rights, and may suspend all Accounts held by you. Termination may occur under circumstances such as: (1) the Company’s inability to verify or authenticate your information; (2) violation of the EULA or unauthorized use of the Services by you or your Account user; (3) your use of Services, chat, and actions being deemed inappropriate, aggressive, or in violation of usage rules. Termination takes effect when the information is delivered via email or other means. A refund is not guaranteed under the EULA.

    - Termination by User
    You may terminate this EULA for your Account by sending an email to the Company. However, refunds are not guaranteed.

    - Changes in the EULA
    Users have the right to refuse the revised EULA. Users should perform due diligence with changes to the EULA and may cancel the service contract if they do not agree to the revised EULA. However, if a user does not express refusal before the effective date of the revised agreement, they are considered to have accepted the changes. Additionally, if the EULA is accepted or the System or Services are accessed, it is deemed an acceptance of the amended EULA and a waiver of the right to terminate the Agreement as outlined above.

    - Closed Accounts
    Upon termination of the EULA, all your Accounts will be suspended, and all specified rights will be extinguished. Following this, users will no longer be able to use the relevant software or access the System or Services with a suspended Account. When an Account is suspended, all Account contents, such as characters, items, and currency, will be lost. Time invested in the Services at the end of the EULA will not be compensated, and the Account’s value will not be eligible for a refund. Users with suspended Accounts cannot access the System or Services without the Company's permission. The same restrictions apply to other Accounts. Accounts must not be transferred to users whose Accounts have been suspended.

  8. 7. Seizure Warning

    Exposure to light or light can cause seizures with low probability. There is a possibility of seizures regardless of previous hospital records, so special care should be taken when using the Services.

  9. 8. Privacy

    We respect your privacy and commit to collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information only as outlined in our Privacy Policy and this Agreement. By consenting to this Agreement and our Privacy Policy, you authorize the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as specified herein. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy prior to utilizing our Service. The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to elucidate the types of information we gather, our methods of using and sharing such information, and how we ensure its protection. Your use of our Service signifies your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.
    We offer you the rights to access our Service using your accounts on third-party platforms. When accessing our Services via third-party platforms such as STEAM, XBOX, etc., we solely collect your Identification Data and personal information that you have authorized us to collect for the purpose of registering and accessing our Services. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with their terms of service and privacy policies to comprehend how they manage your data and what information they may share with us.
    Within this EULA, the term “Account” refers to your account on third-party platforms as recognized by you, and to us, it signifies the User Identification Data. The term “Account” also serves as a classification by which we identify you as an individual granted access to our Service and encompasses a compilation of information that either we provide to you or you permit us to collect and maintain.

  10. 9. Notifications

    We reserve the right to notify you about game updates, promotional events, new game information, and other pertinent messages related to our Services. Notifications may be delivered to you through email, in-game instant messaging, postings within the Services, or any other delivery methods deemed suitable by the Company.

  11. 10. Links

    Within our Services, we may offer links to third-party websites or services purely for your convenience. It’s important to recognize that we don’t have control over the content, goods, or services provided by these third parties. We make no claims or warranties regarding any external sites you may access through our Services and do not endorse them. Your decision to access and use these linked sites or services is made at your own risk and responsibility. You acknowledge and agree that we bear no responsibility or liability, either directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage that may result from your use of these linked websites or services, including but not limited to their content, information, advertisements, or other links.
    Interactions or transactions with these linked sites or service providers are strictly between you and the third parties involved. We are not accountable for any aspect of these dealings. You are responsible for any charges incurred through such third parties. When you share data with these third parties, it is under the terms of their own privacy policies, and our Privacy Policy does not extend to data shared with them.

  12. 11. Advertisements

    Our Services may feature advertisements, which could be tailored based on the content or information within the Services, queries made through the Services, or other relevant data. The nature and extent of these advertisements within the Services are subject to change.
    Additionally, our Services may display third-party advertisements. These third-party advertisements are part of the services provided by third parties, and your understanding of our responsibility regarding these advertisements should be informed by the previously mentioned "Links" section.
    By accepting access to and use of the Services, you consent to the placement of such advertisements by us and third-party providers on the Services. This includes advertisements related to content or information within the Services, whether provided by you or others, except as otherwise specified.

  13. 12. No Warranties

    The software, systems, contents included in the Services, and all related materials are provided on an "as is" basis with no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, except as explicitly stated otherwise by the Company in writing. The Company expressly disclaims all other warranties, whether statutory, express, or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, safety of the Services, stability of operation, or fitness for a particular purpose.
    The Company does not assure uninterrupted or error-free access to the system and execution of software. Furthermore, the system or software may not be compatible with your hardware and software setup. While the Company strives to maintain system operation, continuous service without interruptions cannot be guaranteed. The system may experience downtime for reasons including, but not limited to, system checks, application of new software, emergencies, equipment failures, and network issues.

  14. 13. Disclaimer of Damages

    Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages (including but not limited to loss of data) that arise from you or any third party. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible for the systems, software, Services, content within the Services, user content, data, or adherence to this EULA.
    Should the Company be found liable to users for damages related to the Services resulting from the Company’s negligence (excluding gross negligence), the Company's liability shall be limited to direct and actual damages incurred by the users, irrespective of the basis of the claim, whether in contract, tort, or any other legal theory. The total liability of the Company shall not exceed the amount paid by the users for the software.
    To the extent that the aforementioned provisions are limited by applicable laws and regulations, the Company shall be released or indemnified from any damages to the users to the maximum extent allowed by law.

  15. 14. Limitations of Liability

    We will not be liable to you for any losses or damages suffered in connection to the access to or use of, or inability to access or use, the service. Without limiting the previous sentence, we will not be liable to you for any loss of data, loss of profits, savings or revenue, or any indirect, consequential, incidental, special, punitive, or exemplary damages, whether arising in tort (including negligence), contract, strict liability, product liability, or otherwise. If, despite the limitations set out above, we become liable to you in respect of the service or otherwise under this agreement, that liability will be limited to the lesser of the fees you paid to us in relation to the service in the 1 month prior to the event giving rise to the liability or US$50.

  16. 15. Indemnification

    You agree to indemnify the Company, its affiliates, licensors, suppliers, and their employees, contractors, officers, and directors against any and all claims, losses, damages, and expenses. You will be responsible for covering compensation and legal fees for any damages arising from: (1) the use or misuse of the Software, (2) the access to or use of the Services, and (3) the use of the Account (including by users other than the principal account holder).

  17. 16. No Assignment

    Without our prior written consent, you are not permitted to assign, transfer, charge, or subcontract any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement. Any attempts to do so without such consent will be considered null and void. However, if the laws of your country do not enforce restrictions on transferring the Services outlined in this Agreement, then this Agreement will remain applicable to any recipient of the Services.
    The Company reserve the right to assign, transfer, charge, or subcontract any or all of our rights or obligations under this Agreement at any time.

  18. 17. Entire Agreement

    This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive understanding between you and us regarding its subject matter, superseding all previous agreements and understandings. Individuals not party to this Agreement have no basis to rely upon or enforce any portion of this Agreement.

  19. 18. Severability

    Should any provision of this Agreement be found illegal or unenforceable, either in whole or in part, such finding will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. Any unenforceable portions, to the extent they are enforceable, will remain in effect.

  20. 19. Waiver

    Our failure or delay in exercising or enforcing any right outlined in this Agreement does not waive our ability to enforce such right at any time thereafter.

  21. 20. Applicable Law

    This Agreement and all related actions, including the rights of the Parties and the execution and performance of this Agreement, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea, disregarding any choice or conflict of law principles.

  22. 21. Jurisdiction

    Notwithstanding any contrary statutes or laws, any claim or cause of action arising from or related to your use of the Services or this EULA must be filed within one year after the claim or cause of action arises, or it will be permanently barred.
    The parties agree that the Seoul Central District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine any suit, action, or proceedings, and to settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement ("Proceedings"). For such purposes, the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court. The parties irrevocably waive any objection to the Seoul Central District Court being nominated as the forum to hear, determine, and settle any Proceedings and agree not to claim that this court is not a convenient or appropriate forum.
    In respect of any Proceedings, both parties consent to the granting of any relief or the issuance of any process, including (but not limited to) the enforcement or execution against any property whatsoever of any order or judgment that may be made or given in such Proceedings.

  23. 22. Contact

    Should you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding this EULA, or if you need further information or have suggestions about our Services, please contact us via email at help@playwith.com

  24. [Addendum for Beta Testing]

    We may offer beta, testplay, or trial-play versions of our Service (hereafter referred to collectively as a “Beta”) as part of our Service offerings. By choosing to install or use our Beta, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

    - Functionality and System Impact
    We cannot guarantee that the Beta will function as intended, and it may also affect the functionality of other parts of your system. We will not be held responsible for any such issues. The standard license, restrictions, and other terms of this Agreement apply to your use of the Beta.

    - Testing Period
    Your use of the Beta is subject to certain time limits, known as the "Testing Period". During the Testing Period, you agree that:
    (1) We may automatically delete or modify the information stored on your computer related to the Beta for any reason.
    (2) At the end of the Testing Period, you may lose all data created or used during the Beta testing.
    (3) We reserve the right to terminate the Beta test at any time, which will make the Beta unplayable or non-functional. Upon termination, you are required to delete the local Beta file from your computer along with any related documents and materials provided by us.

    - No Entitlement to Refunds or Compensation
    The termination of the Beta test does not entitle you to a refund, compensation, rewards, or free services.

    - Usage Agreement
    By installing or using the Beta, you commit to;
    (1) Using the Beta solely for the purpose of testing and not for any commercial or non-testing purposes.
    (2) Fully complying with the terms and conditions of this Agreement during your use of the Beta.

“Seal : What the Fun”
Privacy Policy

( Last updated: 01 April 2024 )

  1. This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) explains how PLAYWITH KOREA Inc. and its affiliates (hereinafter, “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) collect, use, share, and protect the personal information when you use our game “Seal : What the Fun” and its related services (collectively, the “Service”), and your rights and choices about the collection and use of your personal information (“Information”).


    If you do not agree or decide to withdraw your consent to this policy, we may be unable to provide full or partial Service to you.

    If you are a minor (or someone who requires parental or legal representative’s consent because of age or legal status as prescribed by the laws of your jurisdiction), you shall have your parent’s or legal representative’s permission to agree to this Policy and use the Service. Your acceptance of this Policy and/or use of the Service means that both you and your parent or legal representative have agreed to this Policy.

    We retain the right to modify this Policy, and any updates will be made available through the Service in compliance with relevant laws. Continued use of the Service after any updates take effect will be deemed as your acceptance of the changes to the Policy.

    1. 1. Information We Collect
    2. 2. Use of Your Information
    3. 3. Sharing Your Information
    4. 4. Information Retention
    5. 5. Deletion of Your Information
    6. 6. Your Rights for Information
    7. 7. Protecting Children’s Privacy
    8. 8. External services and links
    9. 9. Contact Us
    10. [Appendix]
  3. 1. Information We Collect

    We may collect and retain the following types of information.

    A. Information you provide
    - Service Use: Includes email address, game account, nickname, profile photo, in-game purchase history, etc.
    - Support Requests: Information collected via third-party accounts (Facebook, Google) for support, including your Customer Service ID and provided details.
    - Game Forum Activity: Registration details (email address) and interactive information (postings, comments).
    - Other Activities: Information provided during website activities or other service interactions (email addresses, social media accounts, IM accounts).

    B. Automatically collected Information
    - Account Details: Steam ID, Steam Account Name, Xbox ID, Xbox Account Name, and related service nicknames and user icons.
    - Gameplay Behavior: Information on game log-in, attempts, progress, preferences, history, and interactions.
    - Purchases: Records of in-game transactions.
    - Device Information: Name, model, settings, performance, operating system, language, and network details.
    - Location Data: IP address and geographic location.
    - Cookies and Aggregated Data: Used for website login and analytics, collecting web pages visited and service usage trends.

  4. 2. Use of your Information

    We use the collected information to:

    - Provide, operate, and improve the Service.
    - Monitor service metrics and user demographics.
    - Detect and address game cheating and inappropriate behaviors.
    - Fulfill other purposes outlined in the collection points above.

  5. 3. Sharing Your Information

    Your Information is paramount to us, and we adhere strictly to the conditions set out in this Policy and our EULA. Your personal information remains confidential, shared only with your consent or under specific legal circumstances. How we manage the sharing of your information is as follows;.

    - Consent-Based Sharing: We share your Information with third parties only when we have your explicit consent to do so.
    - Customized Services: To enhance the Services we offer you, we may share pseudonymized data with trusted third-party partners. This is done under strict contractual terms that align with privacy laws, ensuring your security for Information and proper usage.
    - Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We may disclose your information if it’s mandated by law, required by a court order, or requested by public authorities to meet legal obligations, safeguard our rights, prevent misuse related to our Service, or for dispute resolution.

  6. 4. Information Retention

    Our commitment to safeguarding your Information extends across borders. The Information we collect may traverse international boundaries to be processed in any country where our operational facilities are maintained. It’s important to note that these locations may be governed by Information protection regulations that differ from those in your home country. Regardless of where your information is processed (which might not always be in your immediate vicinity) rest assured that we implement stringent security measures. These measures are designed to protect your information and uphold your rights with the utmost respect to the standards outlined in this Policy.

  7. 5. Deletion of Your Information

    Following the completion of services that require your information, or when no longer necessary for enhancing our Service, we may remove your provided information. If you would like to delete your Information we collect and retain, please contact us. It's important to consider, however, that removing specific Information could influence your ability to access and use certain aspects of our Service fully or partially.

  8. 6. Your Rights for Information

    Under the umbrella of applicable data protection and privacy regulations, when we collect your Information, you are endowed with several rights. These include the ability to access, correct, delete, or restrict the processing of your Information, as well as the right to data portability and the ability to file a grievance with a relevant data protection authority.

    If you would like to utilize these rights concerning your Information, please contact us at the contact information provided in the “CONTACT US” section below. For the sake of ensuring the security of your account and Information, we may request additional details to confirm your identity before addressing your inquiries.

  9. 7. Protecting Children’s Privacy

    We strictly adhere to laws regarding the collection, use, and sharing of Information of individuals under the age of 13 (or the applicable age as determined by local legislation) ensuring such actions only occur with parental or legal representative’s consent. Upon discovering any inadvertently collected Information of children without the requisite consent, we delete that as soon as we are aware of it. Parents and guardians hold the right to inspect, amend, or erase their child's Information, or to retract previously given consent, by contacting us through the contact details outlined at the conclusion of this Policy.

  10. 8. External services and links

    We are no responsible for the practices employed by any external websites or services linked to or from our Service, including the information or content they contain. Please be mindful that this Policy does not extend to third-party websites or services you access through links from our Service. Your interactions with any third-party website or service, even those linked on our site, fall under the purview of that entity's own rules and policies. Furthermore, you acknowledge that we have no control over, nor do we bear responsibility for, the data and privacy practices of any third-party websites or services.

  11. 9. Contact Us

    If you have questions or comments about this Policy, you may email us at support_esd@playwith.co.kr We value your feedback. If you have a complaint or concern about how we use your Information, we encourage you to contact us and we will seek to resolve any concerns you may have.

  12. Appendix

  13. [1] GDPR Compliance in Processing Your Information

    Our processing of your Information adheres strictly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring legality under these specific conditions:

    - Your Consent: We process your Information based on your explicit consent.
    - Contractual Necessities: Your Information is processed when it's essential for managing and identifying you as a user, executing a contract you're part of, including providing required services, processing payments, and managing fees and so on.
    - Legal Obligations: We process your Information to comply with legal responsibilities we're subject to, including adhering to laws, regulations, and responding to governmental requests.
    - Protecting vital Interests: It's crucial for us to process data to protect the vital interests of you or others, particularly for detecting, preventing, and addressing illegal activities, abuse, security risks, and technical issues.
    - Public Interest and Official Authority: Processing might be necessary for tasks we perform in the public interest or using our official authority.
    - Legitimate Interests: Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us or by the third-party (except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child).

  14. [2] Your right when applying GDPR

    You, as main agents of the personal information, may exercise the following rights regarding the collection, use and sharing of the Information by us:

    - The right to access to Information : You may access your Information and check the records of the collection, use and sharing of your Information under the applicable law.
    - The right to rectification : You may request to correct inaccurate or incomplete Information.
    - The right to erasure : You may request the deletion of Information after the achievement of your purpose and the withdrawal of your consent.
    - The right to restriction of processing : You may make temporary suspension of treatment of Information in case of the disputes over the accuracy of your Information and the legality of the personal information treatment, or if necessary to retain your Information.
    - The right to data portability : You may request to provide or transfer your Information.
    - The right to object : You may suspend the treatment of your Information if your Information is used for the purpose of direct marketing, reasonable interests, the exercise of official duties and authority, and research and statistics.
    - The right to automated individual decision-making, including profiling : You may request to cease the automated treatment of your Information, including profiling, which has critical impact or cause legal effect on you.
    If, in order to exercise the above rights, you contact us by sending e-mails, we will take measures without delay. Provided that we may reject the request of you only to the extent that there exists either proper cause as prescribed in the laws or equivalent cause.

  15. [3] Guide for Users residing in California

    In compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), this guide outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of Information of California residents.

    - Categories of Personal Information Collected : Under the CCPA, we collect identifiable information such as email addresses and game accounts, commercial data like in-game transactions, online activities, geo-location details, and other personal details including device information and social media account info for support requests.
    - Purpose of Collection : The primary goal for gathering your Information includes enhancing your gaming experience, enabling service access, maintaining a secure online environment, and responding to support queries.
    - Sharing and Disclosure : We uphold your privacy by not selling Information and only sharing Information under specific conditions; with explicit consent, for legal compliance, public authority requests, or protection of rights, for providing customized services through third-party collaboration, ensuring data anonymization and security as per our privacy obligations.
    - Your CCPA Rights : The CCPA grants you the right to access, amend, or delete your Information and inquire about data collection and usage practices. We assure non-discrimination for exercising your CCPA rights. For any queries or requests regarding your CCPA rights, please contact us.
    - Minor Users’ Rights : California residents under 18 can request the removal of their Information or content posted publicly, aligning with the California Business and Professions Code Section 22581. We commit to responsibly handling such requests, keeping in mind the possible retention of residual Information for legal purposes.

  16. [3] Data transfer to other countries

    Considering it engages in global businesses, we may provide your Information to the companies located in other countries for the purpose as expressly stated in this Policy. By using our Service or otherwise providing us with Information, you are regarded to agree to send and process your Information internationally. For the places where the Information is transmitted, retained or processed, we would take reasonable measures for protecting your Information.

“Seal : What the Fun”

(Last updated on the May, 2024)

  1. 1. General Rule

    1.1. This PLAYTWITH ESD SERVICE OPERATION POLICY (the “Operation Policy’) supplements the EULA or Privacy Policy, and contains the PLAYWITH’s service operation standards, and matters for which users (the “User”, “you” or “your”) should be aware while using the service, such as effectiveness of Users' violations of the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Restrictions"), appeals to restrictions and restore policy.

    1.2. This Operation Policy applies to PLAYWITH’s ESD service including ESD game service itself and related programs, applications, websites, forums and other services (collectively, the “Services”). Depending on which of our Services you use, additional terms may apply (the “Additional Terms”). If these Terms are inconsistent with any Additional Terms, the Additional Terms will prevail.

    1.3. Company reserves the right to change Operation Policy at any time within its sole discretion. If PLAYWITH decides to change Operation Policy, PLAYWITH may notify revised contents through websites and/or by notifications of each Service to Users.

    1.4. We shall endeavor to eradicate misconducts described in Operation Policy to ensure that the Users can enjoy the Services.

    1.5. In this Operation Policy, terms not specifically defined will follow the meanings ascribed to them in the EULA or Privacy Policy.

    1.6. If you use the service provided by any 3rd party (such as a platform or external service) when using the Services, you shall also comply with the terms and conditions or policies of that provider. Please note that we generally shall not assist with issues that arise in such cases.

  2. 2. Restrictions/Report, Appeals and Customer Service(“CS”)

    2.1. Please refer to the below contact information if you wish to raise any inquiry, requests, suggestions, and appeals related to your using Services.

    • Contacts Information :
    o Make your inquiry on the In-Game CS center
    o E-mail : support_esd@playwith.co.kr

    ※ CS center is available from 10:00 to 19:00(weekdays only)(UTC+09:00)

    ※ Inquiries may be received also during weekends and holidays, but the answers for those may be made within the business hours of the CS center.

    2.2. An appeal against the restriction herein can be made within 14 days from the date on which the User has received the restrictions notice.

    2.3. If the User's appeal is deemed reasonable, then Company immediately lifts the restrictions applied to the User.

    2.4. We shall endeavor to respond promptly and sincerely to inquiries, suggestions, requests or feedback you have given through CS Center. However, Company's executives, employees and administrators may give limited answers or may not give answers to updates, development directions, and other content that cannot be disclosed due to the nature of the game.

    2.5. If Users engage in any of the following acts while, then the Users will be issued an initial warning and handling of the 1:1 inquiry will be suspended. the Users with repeated offenses may be barred indefinitely.
    • Repeated or unrelated with Services abusive behaviors such as violent language, swear words, insult, or sexual harassment that may cause CS representatives emotional harm
    • Sending images, videos or links that may sexually offend a customer service representative
    • Flirting and/or making sexual jokes
    • Obstruction to perform the duties related to CS by Continuous request for CS in case that additional guidance is impossible or unable to give guidance due to nature of itself.

    2.6. Any or all acts deemed to disrespect the dignity of CS representatives are subject to penalties such as unwanted discontinue of the CS communication, restriction to access the game service without receiving warning in advance.

  3. 3. Disputes Between Users

    When disputes between Users arise, Company, in principle, shall not intervene directly in those disputes and shall be taking an objective position to bring amicable solutions to the issues.
    If needed, Company may provide appropriate suggestions for an amicable settlement, meanwhile, if the Users who involved in the disputes do not comply with terms or policies of Services, Company may take the necessary actions to the Users in accordance with this Operational Policy.

  4. 4. Restriction Standard Table

    4.1. Please refer to the below table which list the detailed conduct of violations and the applicable restriction imposed to that.

    Type of Violation Violation(Details) Restriction Imposed
    Attempts To Engage in Cash Transactions / Engage in Cash Transactions Attempt to trade game account, in-game items and contents with cash, real goods/services. One (1)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction Permanent Account Restriction
    Act of trading in-game items with cash, real goods/services.
    Stealing Another User’s Account Gain access to another user’s account without permission. Permanent Account Restriction
    Act of helping the act described in above (gain access to another user’s account) or using another user’s account in any way to benefit from it.
    Example) Act of transferring items acquired by unauthorized access to another User’s account for free of charge or for a fee.
    Leakage of Privacy Information Leaking the personal information of another user without consent. Game Data Initialize or Permanent Account Restriction
    Act of inducing the leakage of other User's personal information.
    Example) Disclosing personal information of others to public such as posting on bulletin board, etc.
    ※ Depending on the seriousness of the damage which the victims has suffered, permanent account restriction can be applied to the first restriction. Company can also take an applicable legal action against the user who violated policy related to Personal Information.
    Using inappropriate Name
    ※ The term "Name" refers to all kinds of names (nickname, character name, etc.) that users set themselves to identify characters, items, etc. within the game services.
    Using a Name that impersonates Company, its employees, officials, and administrators. Name Change/Warning One(1)-day Account Restriction Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction
    Using a Name that can give discomfort or sexual humiliation to the others
    Using a Name that shows the intention of exchanging by-products (items, accounts, etc.) of an account proxy or game services for cash or spot, proxy purchase, etc.
    Using a Name that shows intention to leak another User’s personal information.
    Using a Name that is judged to have the purpose of criticizing, insulting, or defaming a specific person, group, organization, region, religion, etc.
    Using a Name that intents to advertise a specific person, group, organization.
    Using a Name deemed to infringe on a third party's trademark or copyright or cause damage.
    Using a Name that are contrary to other laws and regulations or social norms.
    Changing a few letters of an inappropriate Names (described above), or try to construct Names that are cleverly inappropriate by mixing other characters before and after the letters.
    Interference of the game operation Impersonating Company, its employees, a game operator/GM official, and administrators. One (1)-day Account Restriction Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction
    Spreading false information, causing confusion to other Users through other illegal means, and interfering with Company's game operation.
    Deceiving game operator to take unfair advantage in the game
    Obstructing the provision of services to other Users by maliciously repeating or requesting inquiries that have already been processed, despite the operator's request to stop
    Disrespecting the dignity of GM by engaging in abusive behavior such as using violent language, swear words, insult, or sexual harassment that may cause the GM emotional harm
    Gameplay Interference Abuse of game/operation system to interfere with the normal use of games by other Users. One (1)-day Account Restriction Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction
    Bug/System vulnerability abuse An act of benefiting from an error in a game or service or causing damage to others. Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction Permanent Account Restriction
    An act that affects a game balance or system by using an error in a game or service.
    ※ If there is a damage to multiple Users or a severe damage to game system by the "Bug Abuse”, permanent account restriction can be applied to the first restriction.
    Abusing “Abusing” means the acts as follows: One (1)-day Account Restriction Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Thirty(30)-day Account Restriction
    Purposely manipulating the results of the game in unfair ways.
    Changing game money or points in a way that is generally not allowed in the game.
    Taking advantage of any activity such as circumventing designed constraints of the game system in an abnormal way.
    Doing oneself or helping actively whose Acquisition or distribution of game money through abnormal inflow or defective acts prescribed by the terms and conditions or policies, actively helping them. Increasing the game money or game points of another user in a way that is not permitted by the game system.
    Purposely, colluding with other users to manipulate game records (results)
    ※ Whether sanctioned or intentional, the profits earned by the Users by avoiding restrictions of the gaming system can be recovered or adjusted at any time.
    Using and distributing unapproved third-party program The production, use, and dissemination of computer programs, devices, or devices that disable the technical protection of game services or interfere with normal operation. Permanent Account Restriction
    Forgery and tampering with game programs and distributing those.
    Distributing illegal programs to people or promoting their use widely.
    Fraudulent transactions The act of paying for a paid service by using another person's payment method without permission. Permanent Account Restriction
    Fraud Attempting Fraud Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction Permanent Account Restriction
    Wrongful deception against other users intended to result in financial or personal gain
    ※ If Company determines that the damage caused by fraud is significant, permanent account restriction can be applied to the first restriction.
    Impersonate GM or a member of Company Spreading misinformation and/or unjust enrichment by impersonating GM, Community Master, Staff, or any one related to Company. Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction Permanent Account Restriction
    Commercial spam/ Encouraging to create Speculative Game environment The act of using game services for advertising purposes other than the original purpose of game services, such as for-profit, sales, advertisement, and promotion Three (3)-day Account Restriction Seven (7)-day Account Restriction Fifteen (15)-day Account Restriction Permanent Account Restriction
    The act of encourage speculative game environment or spreading speculative game play methods.
    Digital Features Abuse Our Services include "Digital Features". This term "Digital Features" refers to rights that we license to users to access or use certain features that we may make available on our Services. Examples of Digital Features may include access to digital or unlockable content, virtual assets, in-game achievements, game, account, and virtual points, coins and currencies. When you sign up or pay for Digital Features, we grant you a personal, limited, non-transferable, revocable and non-exclusive license to access the selected Digital Features. Digital Features have no monetary value and no value outside of our Services. You cannot sell, trade or transfer Digital Features, or exchange them for cash. Any payment you make for access to a Digital Feature is non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Permanent Account Restriction
    Refund exploitation In a case where unfair gains are made by exploiting policies and processes related to membership, payment, payment cancellation, etc. provided by an open market business operator Permanent Account Restriction
    In the case of spreading a method of avoiding or abusing the policies and related processes of an open market operator.

    4.2. Types of Restrictions
    • Restriction on the use of account(“Account Restriction”): It is a restriction that permanently or temporarily restrict the use of all games and related services provided by Company.

    ※ Restriction on the use of account means the ban on using all the characters, including but not limited to game items and contents, related to the restricted account.
    • Restriction on the use of game character: It is a restriction that permanently or temporarily restrict the use of game character.

    4.3. Penalty Criteria for Violations

    Even if it is not listed in the restrictions standard table on Article 4.1, restrictions may be applied depending on the severity of the violation of the terms and conditions and related laws.

    A restriction can be weighted according to the cumulative order or severity of restrictions.

    ※ The account which violate the restricted acts three (3) or more times and/or depending of the seriousness of the violation, Company reserves the right to impose a permanent account restriction.

    Any game currency, items, and other character-related data can be removed if they have been obtained through misconduct, not only the character data of what has been obtained, but also the user’s entire character data may be deleted.

  5. 5. Restore Policy

    5.1. Losses and changes in game usage information (such as items, game goods, experiences, achievements, levels, etc.) caused by Company's attributable or technical errors in-game services can be restored to the extent that it does not strain the game balance if the current technology of the information and communication service allows Users to check records in the game.

    5.2. User who wishes to recover under Paragraphs 5.1. shall apply for restoration through the CS within Seven (7) days, including the date of loss and change of game usage information.

    5.3. The application for restoration under Paragraph 5.2. shall be filed directly by the name of the account in which the game usage information has been lost or changed, and proxy application from a third party is not allowed.

    5.4. Company can modify, change, and delete the content of the game services through patches or updates after prior notice if necessary for the operation and technology, and recovery is restricted for modifications, changes, and deletion of User's game usage information caused thereof. However, if there are unavoidable changes the content of the game services such as bug/error correction or emergency update or if there are unavoidable circumstances such as defects of server device or emergency security problems, Company may notify Users later. In addition, paid content can be modified, changed, or deleted if it is deemed necessary for game planning or operation (game balancing, etc.). In this case, Company may compensate Users with other items of similar value that can be used in the game. Users cannot claim compensation for damages related to such actions by Company.

    5.5. Losses or changes in game usage information in each of the following subparagraphs are not subject to recovery or compensation for damages.
    • Damage caused by the User's negligence or inability to familiarize himself/herself with the game system, announcements, terms and conditions, and operational policies
    • Damage caused by the User’s normal use of game services and store sales, etc.
    • Any damage caused by the use of game services in a manner not recognized by Company, such as item transaction, account transaction, and sharing, etc.
    • Damage caused by problems between Users without the intervention of Company, such as fraud in the game
    • In the case where damage such as an compromised account occurred due to the User's negligence in managing the account.

  6. 6. In-Game Currency Policy

    6.1. Unless otherwise specified, if a User owns the same type of In-Game Currency both for charge and free of charge at the same time, the In-Game Currency for free of charge will be consumed first.

    6.2. Company can modify, change, and delete the content of the game services through patches or updates after prior notice if necessary for the operation and technology, and recovery is restricted for modifications, changes, and deletion of User's game usage information caused thereof. Additionally, paid content can be modified, changed, or deleted if it is deemed necessary for game planning or operation (game balancing, etc.). In this case, Company may compensate the users with other items of similar value that can be used in the game. Users shall not claim compensation for damages related to such actions by Company.